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Meeting Room

Teams Connect

Simplified PBX integration with Microsoft 365 Teams

Looking to seamlessly integrate Microsoft Teams with advanced PBX Phone system functionality?

Looking to use MS Teams as your single App for all collaboration and telephone communication?

Single Source Teams Connect provides the best or both worlds solutions for anyone looking to

integrate their existing PBX functions into Teams.  Our solution empowers you to effortlessly and

seamlessly migrate existing PBX functionality into your existing Microsoft Teams enterprise or

company environment, allowing users to make calls, send texts, and more, directly from Teams

and without undesirable limitations inherent with Teams Direct.


Teams Connect combines up-to-the-moment integration to the Microsoft Graph API, automated

scripting of Microsoft PowerShell and marries it to the TeamMate Connector – a purpose built

interoperation layer that allows us to normalize communication with our cloud based and

geographically redundant Cisco-Broadsoft PaaS platform.  


Our solution empowers us to insure our customers are adequately equipped to navigate Microsoft

future-changes with full confidence.

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